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CCPC Framework for Humanitarian Interventions

January 13, 2022, Evaluation Observatory

Humanitarian interventions often employ the use of CCPC Framework to assess their quality; CCPC standing for - Coverage, Coordination, Protection and Coherence. Given its generic and conceptual nature, this criteria is often clubbed together with other frameworks (Peersman, 2014, p.2). Due to this, it is also recommended to detail more ‘specific criteria’, within the generic criteria, sensitive to the context and evaluation Terms of Reference in mind, in consultation with all due stakeholders prior to their application (Peersman, 2014, p.2). The UNICEF use the CCPC criteria alongside OECD DAC criteria and other range of evaluation criteria to guide its evaluation. (Peersman, 2014, p.3)



Peersman, G. (2014). Evaluative Criteria, Methodological Briefs: Impact Evaluation 3, UNICEF Office of Research, Florence. Retrieved from:

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