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Different knowledge stakeholders define what constitutes an ‘evaluation method’ interchangeably with ‘approaches’, ‘designs’ and ‘criteria’. However, for the sake of precision, EO broadly defines evaluation methods as a broad body of means or techniques of data collection – both quantitative and qualitative, used to inform an evaluation study.

  • Focus Group Discussions (FGDs)

    Consider, that for a research project, you want to understand the perceptions, insights, attitudes, experiences, or beliefs of a group of people as a part of your research. While quantitative methods can provide numerical data-points; onewill needs t...

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  • Structured Surveys

    The kind of tools a researcher uses to conduct their surveys, is determined largely by the evaluative questions to be answered, and whether the mode of answering them is qualitative or quantitative. When it comes to Quantitative Research, Structured ...

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